Tentatively entitled: Get the fuck out of town

Don’t you want anything more from your life

than a drag on a cigarette and a local wife?

To inheret your parents house some day

so that all your ‘best friends’ can still call around to play,

A job stacking palettes in Tesco’s back lane,

The occassional drug binge to make life less mundane,

‘It’s a fishbowl’ he said, and he meant the whole country

but your passport expired and your couch is too comfy!

You know, there are revolutionary things gong on in the world

while your main concern is your handbreak turns,

You went to college, dropped out in a month,

and still believe it’s Daddy’s fault that your mother’s a drunk,

But you’re the big man now, you’re the man of the house!

Sat still on the fence between a man and a mouse,

So maybe it’s time for some honesty?

Forget the faces and place you hide in so easily,

Because if you’re into real women you better make some new friends

and if you fight when you drink then perhaps you like men,

and if your life lacks meaning and you feel it in your heart

then for Christs sake, move away from the Dart!

‘Cause you won’t find yourself in that shitty head shop,

or waiting in the rain at the 84 bus stop,

or playing card games in a leaky shed,

or in the jokes someone else on the internet said,

Not in Charlies Chinese or Henry and Rose,

Not in the local bar with your local friendly foes,

You’ve got to look somewhere else, before you become the place,

before it inherits the very look on your face.

Now, I know you, you speak all in cliche-

‘Ahh but the grass is always greener!’, I can hear you say,

but you know the other side is where your world’s upside down,

and if that scares you half to death boy,

get the fuck out of town!


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