‘Battle’ Update – Screenings and Awards

It’s been a busy few months since we finished post production on ‘Battle’ and so far our festival run is going very well. Here is a quick update on how the film is doing so far :)

‘Battle’ had its first international screening at the CTLPDX Portland International Film Festival in July and won awards for ‘Best of Festival’ and ‘Best Acting’! Needless to say we were overjoyed with the results of our very first screening, and our good luck continued from there.

CTLPDX Laurels Poster

Next we found out that the film would screen at the Malta Mental Health Short Film Festival in honour of World Health Day. Although we did not pick up an award here we were humbled to know that our film had been screened at a festival dealing specifically in the subject of mental health and hoped that the audience appreciated the positive message we intend to send with the film.

In September ‘Battle’ screened publicly in Dublin for the first time, to a great reception at the Underground Cinema Film Festival. We were both surprised and delighted to be awarded ‘Best Student Film 2015’ at the closing ceremony alongside so many brilliant independent Irish films.


Most recently the film was screened at Ffwrnes Film Ffest in Wales and we are yet to hear the outcome of the awards ceremony.

Fingers crossed for our future submissions and as always thank you to my brilliant team and all of our generous supporters!


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